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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions


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  • Easy fan volume lashes hybrid length: 3 lengths mix in 1 row. 12 Rows 1 Tray. Thickness: 0.07mm. Curl: C/D Curl
  • 3 lengths mixed per each strip, save the time of creating hybrid fans. And compare to normal easy fan volume lash extensions, they are more natural, fluffy and layering
  • Can't make fans? These self-fanning lashes are really easy to fan, the special glue protect the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing you to create the perfect 3d 5d 6d 8d-20d volume lashes fans 1 sec without any professional skill
  • Sticky glue residue? Lashes come off in clumps? Curl lost? NO! we have improved the production technology. Not too much glue, easily get the lashes off but without compromising fans
  • Made of Korean synthetic silk. Soft, natural, matte, lightweight, waterproof and stable curl


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