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Creating the perfect environment is important for the eyelash extensions

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Creating the perfect environment is important for the eyelash extensions 

In the whole eyelash extensions process, many factors will impact eyelash extensions result. And this blog will explain the importance of the environment for eyelash extensions. Such as humidity and temperature, and so on. In this whole process of eyelash extensions, lash glues are seriously affected by the environment.

The humidity will have a major role in our lash retention and optimum lash glue performance. Professional lash stylists, usually purchase a digital hygrometer to regulate environment humidity and temperature to reduce adverse effects. The most compatible lash extension adhesive does not have lash heaven. Because the lash glue compatibility is solely dependent on the humidity in the space we’re lashing in.

And the humidity also controls the speed at which your adhesive cures. Additionally, humidity has a huge impact on reducing the potential for irritation and other adverse during and post the lash application. A controlled environment ensures optimal adhesive performance, increasing the strength and longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Not just humidity will affect the result of eyelash extensions. The room temperature will also affect the curing time. The temperature will affect glue viscosity. Therefore, when the room temperature falls, like any other liquid, the lash tends to solidify. The frozen adhesive tends to be less viscous, making it harder and taking more time to dry.

Correspondingly, when the temperature rises, lash adhesive tends to liquify. Since the viscosity of the melted lash glue is greater than normal, it dries faster than usual. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to maintain the room temperature at 22-26 degrees centigrade.


But how do control the glue temperature to prevent this situation?

we recommend jade stones. Many lash artists use jade stones to keep our lash extensions adhesive at cool room temperature during the lash application process. Because jade stones will hold the glue in place while you do your work. The unique material also slows down the adhesive drying rate.


A high humidity environment is slightly more difficult to manage than a low humidity environment. Because high humidity will affect our lash glue dry speed which makes the lash glue cure and dry much faster than usual. This may cause a serious influence on new lash extension artists and make poor retention. The overall look may not be visually appealing and the gaps created between the adhesive beads can weaken the lash band.


And how to control high humidity?

The air conditioning, moist absorbers, and dehumidifier are good to work assistants for us to prevent high humidity in lash space. In addition, often ventilation is a good idea. Breathe will add moisture to the room humidity. When the humidity levels are already high you need to ascertain that you ventilate the workstation in between the appointments to maintain the ideal humidity level.


Bottom line:

The environment affects lash glue to influence eyelash extensions to lash final results.

For optimal performance of lash extension adhesive, and to avoid any adverse effects on you or your client, maintain your room humidity levels between 45-60%.

If you’re looking for high-quality eyelash extensions, Gemerry is a good lash extensions supplier for you.

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