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Eyelash extensions technician’s lover -- Lash Sealant

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Eyelash extensions technician’s lover -- Lash Sealant

Do you meet many clients, who want to prolong the life of their eyelash extensions time? And the summer is just around the corner, we should protect our eyelash extensions from oil, sweat, and dirt. If you are looking for a method, we recommend lash sealant to you.
When you have end of eyelash extensions, there are a variety of factors that will cause your eyelash extensions to fall off. Therefore, using a lash sealant is a must for us.

Some factors cause eyelash extensions to fall out:
High humidity can affect your lash extensions. Because extreme humidity can cause eyelash extensions glue holding our perfect extensions in place to weaken. And when this happens, the adhesive can become brittle or cause lash fall.
Sweat also will affect the lash extensions' lifetime. Especially in summer, our bodies will sweat from exercise or an active lifestyle.
Swimming is also a factor to influences our lash extensions.
As we all know oil will break the lash glue bond. This is unfriendly for some oil skin eyelash extensions fans.

How to resolve those problems?
There is no doubt that a bottle of eyelash extensions sealant is the best solution for those problems. Eyelash extensions sealant also called lash coating that unique for eyelash extensions, this lash coating sealant helps to prolong the extension's time. And form a barrier to protect our fragile eyelash extensions from humidity, makeup, oils, etc. Unlike other cosmetic products, a lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free, functional aftercare product that prolongs the retention of lash extensions. It will provide an extra layer of protection for our natural lashes and extend the life of lash glue, locking the eyelash extensions in the proper place for a longer period of time. It is ideal that keeps our lash line looking its best between your biweekly refill appointments.


We recommend this lash sealant to you. This sealant is made of safe ingredients. That is the oil-free and water-soluble product. Sensitive also can feel relieved to use.
When we have used this lash sealant, please close tightly and store it in a dry place at room temperature.
How to use a lash sealant?
When we apply the lash sealant, make sure to cleanse our lashes and have dried them. The sealant as a lash product, a little goes a long way! Therefore, when taking the brush out of the bottle, remove any excess product, only a small amount of this product is needed.
Start applying the sealant by placing the brush along the top of the lash line. Then, gently brush along the spot where your lashes and lash line meet.
Use short, gentle strokes to ensure that the entire lash line is lightly coated with the sealant.
Allow drying before applying any other makeup or product.
Something you should know is that when we have applied for eyelash extensions, the lash adhesive needs about 24 hours to strengthen. Therefore, we suggest starting using eyelash extensions coating sealant 2-3 days after the treatment to make sure it doesn’t cause any blooming effect.

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