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Let’s take a closer look at what are eyelash extensions layers

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As a beginner, you may not know lash layers when you first start your lash artistry journey. If you did not have a good tutor so it will take you a while time when you started out. Learning the technique to layer the eyelash extensions will help us to create a more defined lash look and it creates a bolder, more perfect lash line.


What is the lash layer and eyelash extensions layer?

Mostly, people will have 2-6 layers of lashes. It is pretty rare to have a perfectly synchronized line.

And most commonly, we usually divide lashes into 3 layers-a top layers, middle layer, and bottom layer.

How to divide our natural lash into 3 lash layers?

When you have taken lash tapes and applied to the underside of the client’s natural lashes and pulled them back to secure on the eyelid.

The top layer of eyelashes is close to the lash artist, then the middle layer of eyelashes is below the top layer. And the bottom layer of lashes is close to the eyes waterline and further from lash stylists.


How do eyelash extensions layer by layer?

The lash layers can affect the overall look of your set, hence what you will do with eyelash extensions layers can help you to create a different look.


When we have finished all preparation work. We pull down the top layer of lashes with isolated tweezers. Apply our extensions to the top lashes and when you're finished with this lash layer, use the isolation tweezers to pull down the next layer of lashes. Then the last layer. Continue this until all layers are covered, then check all eyelash extensions to prevent those stickies.


About the correct way to layer is to use the desired size only on the bottom row of lashes. Then place the extension on the top of the lash. And select a more short length lash for the middle row, place the extension on the side of the lash, and keep on decreasing the lash lengths to the top row, which you will place underneath the natural lash.

It is worth mentioning that the length and curl here mainly refer to the length of the first layer of eyelashes, then the second layer of eyelashes will increase accordingly.

About eyelash extensions layer style to create:

If you’re looking for the ultimate dark, blacked-out lash set; consider using the same length on all layers to create a staircase effect. This will also give the lash set a bit more texture.

If you’re looking for a perfectly symmetrical lash set with no variation in lengths, consider using longer lashes on the bottom layer and moving to shorter lashes as you go through the middle to top layers. This will ensure all the lashes are the same length when looking at your client straight on.

If you’re looking for a wispy, textured lash set, try playing around with multiple lengths and curls.


A good eyelash extensions layers set not only will show your excellent skills but also can respect our client’s time and money.

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