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How to practice eyelash extensions on a mannequin head

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How to practice eyelash extensions on a mannequin head

As lash artists, improving lash skills and promoting business booming is crucial for us. Therefore, we should use downtime to improve our skills and lash quicker and more effectively. How to archive this goal? In a world, practice makes perfect!

How to practice lash extensions?

We don’t need to spend much money to go to the studio to improve our lash skills. With a few lash supplies, we can boost the lash experience at home.

About lash practice on a mannequin head, it’s never a bad idea, whether you’re a brand new lash artist or a seasoned lash professional.

Practice on a mannequin creates the most similar situation to practicing on a real human person. by lashing on a mannequin, you can work to fix your posture and alleviate the physical discomfort you feel. Proper lashing posture is essential for your long-term health and career success. That starts by building the right habits.


What lash products do I need to prepare?

Lash mannequin head, eyelashes, lash pads and lash tweezers, and so on. Gemerry offers an eyelash extensions kit for you. This kit contains all products of the whole lash extensions application.

When you apply for eyelash extensions with a mannequin, you can treat them like a real client. if you like, you can talk to them.

How to do it?

  1. Take our eye pads and apply them beneath the mannequin’s eyes
  2. Create a realistic lash line on the mannequin, by applying the practice lash we work with.
  3. Map out the desired look, using the under-eye pads, as you would on a real-life client.
  4. Apply for the eyelash extensions, as professionally as we would do in the lash salon.

This is a brilliant way to practice eyelash extensions skills on a mannequin head. The mannequin will provide you with a close-to-real-life experience. And most important you will practice your proper lash posture. The proper lash posture not only helps us shorten the whole eyelash extension procession time, but also lets us not be so tired.

Here’s our favorite checklist for remembering proper lashing posture. Print this out and keep it near your lashing bed so you remember:


Keep your back straight.

Roll your shoulders back and down

Rest your arms on the edge of your lash pillow

Slip your legs underneath the bed

Tuck your head right below your chest


If you experience tension while lashing, stop, take a breath, and reset your posture. Like all things, practice makes perfect.

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