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Away From Lash Stickies

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Away from lash stickies

What are the lash stickies?

Lash stickies is an eyelash extensions term in the lash industry. This is a poor achievement means one lash gets stuck to a neighboring lash during eyelash extensions treatment. And lash stickies have three types.  (a common lash sticky)

Three types lash stickies with their harm 

The first type of stickies is a most common phenomenon that a tiny baby lash gets stuck with our natural lashes. This one type will create a very unflattering look and cause your natural lash to premature. As we all know the baby lashes are the hardest as they are short and they are in it’s growing stage. Therefore, the baby lashes grow much quicker than a full-grown lash.

  The second type of stickies is when applying eyelashes made two extensions are stuck together. This type of stickies also will cause detriment for our natural lashes. Making our natural lash premature fall off.

The last one stickies are when two natural lashes are stuck together.

Why are stickies so bad?

Because all lashes have different growth cycles. Baby lashes grow much quicker than a full-grown lash then will simply pull the resting lash out, permanently damaging the hair follicle. Even it doesn’t rip your natural lash out, it will create a loop and push the extension in the wrong directions, creating a very ungainly look. Lash stickies can be quite irritable to the client’s eyes which causes your client to unintentionally rub her eyes or touch the extensions more. This can lead to shorter retention which nobody wants! 

How to prevent lash stickies?

1. Proper isolation

Isolation is the most important factor in the whole eyelash extensions process. Why? If we don’t isolate properly and an extension or a natural lash will adhere to other natural lashes and extensions, and one of the natural lashes is in an active growth stage, while the other is in a resting stage, the lash that is resting will be pulled out, causing damage. When multiple lashes are glued together, we named their stickies. That will cause a lot of damage and is very uncomfortable. Choosing suitable lash tweezers is necessary for this process. 

2. Right eyelash extensions adhesive

Lash extensions glue also will impact lash stickies. If lash glue dries too slowly will contribute to lash stickies. We recommend gemerry 2s dry lash glue ( 2s Dry Eyelash Extension Adhesive For Professional ).

This glue will furthest help you minimize the risk of lash stickies in the process. And pay attention to glue quantity, too much glue on the extensions will let your lash stickies. However, when you have too much glue on the extension, do not wipe it off on a glue palette or gel pads! Just dip the extension into the middle of the glue dot, and slowly slide out. It’ll adjust to the right amount of glue.

3.Remember to check your work

It’s worth leaving a few minutes at the end of the treatment to do one last check to make sure you haven’t missed any lash stickies. Use lash tweezers and lash brush to check each lash from root to tip.

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