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Before Applying Eyelash Extensions and Aftercare, What Should You Do?

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Having a pair of charming eyes is probably a dream of many girls. Long and thick lashes are the key point for beautiful eyes. But not everyone has thick and long eyelashes as born, so grafting eyelashes has become the best choice for many girls. Grafting eyelashes can last about 2-8 weeks depending on one own eyelash conditions. So how to keep your eyelash extensions longer? There has a little hack for your reference:

Before applying lashes:

1. Using lash shampoo or lash primer clean the dirt, oil and makeup on your lashes completely. This step aims to make sure the lash extensions can be glue on your own lashes easily and extend the time of lasting.
2. Combing the natural lashes before doing lashes. Avoid the eyelashes tangling to each other. 
3. Ask your eyelash artist to wear the mask! The breath will make the eyelash extensions glue dry slowly and make the glue white. If you want the eyelashes to last longer, ask your eyelash artist to wear a mask!




1.No makeup after grafting eyelashes

After applying the eyelashes, it will create a natural eyeliner and eye makeup feel, It’s not necessary to use mascara, eyelash curlers, etc. It will easily cause eyelash extensions to fall off. Oily makeup remover or cleansing products can also cause eyelashes to fall off. Please avoid the eye area when removing makeup.


2. Keep your eyelashes dry

Avoid getting wet within 6-8 hours after doing eyelashes. Also bathing, swimming, saunas are not allowed. At this time, the eyelash extensions glue is not completely dry, it will easily fall off if get wet. Always pay attention to cleaning after grafting eyelashes.

3. Apply Lash Coat

After doing the eyelashes, you can apply lash coat on your eyelashes, it can effectively seal a protective layer on natural eyelashes and false eyelashes, protecting the eyelash extensions glue from oxidation and quickly losing its viscosity.


4. Brush your eyelashes Daily

Your lashes may be knotted thus brush your lashes could make it keep longer and natural.

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