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Eyelash extensions refill

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Eyelash extensions refill

After applying eyelash extensions for a long time, your clients have found some lashes have fallen and gaps have come. Therefore, they decide to have the entire set removed and a fresh one applied. No, it is an absurd decision. This process not only requires a lot more time from the lash artist but also has more money for the client! Which I’m sure no one wants.

So how resolve this problem? We will introduce an eyelash extension refill for you.

This name itself gives you an answer to what the process is. Where your lash extensions have fallen out of or where lashes have outgrown the natural lash, you can refill this spot to archive the new appearance.


And many have questions about why eyelash extensions fall off and what is the best phase to refill?

On average, a person can lose up to 1 to 5 eyelashes per day. Our lash shedding cycle has four phases:


Growth Stage: our natural lashes are thin, weak, and lack strength in is this stage. In the initial growth stage, we don’t suggest attaching lashes to our natural lashes will lead to a lack of growth and premature fall.

Mature Phase:  As the eyelashes emerge through the surface of the skin, they grow thicker and longer. At this stage, the lashes exhibit some strength and can appear thicker. It is possible to apply for lash extensions at this stage, but since they are actively growing, they can grow out fast and create an uneven look.

Deciduous Phase: This phase is when the natural eyelashes stop growing. This stage is ideal for attaching an eyelash extension.

Cooling-off Phase: During this in-between phase between eyelashes, a new one is beginning to grow, so adding extensions to this natural lash should be avoided since they are not as durable and will fall off quicker.


During the consultation or after their set is completed, would be the perfect opportunity to educate your client on lash refills and the lash-shedding cycle.

Many different reasons also can affect a client’s lashes falling out. Such as, not cleansing the lashes daily, picking the natural lashes, improper lash application, your glue was working too fast for you, etc.  

How long need this refill of eyelash extensions?

Typically we suggest our clients that should have 40% of their lashes still intact be considered for a refill. we don't recommend refilling them after the 3-week mark as it's very likely that quite a few will fall out over the next week. This is why we recommend you schedule a refill within 3 weeks of having your extensions applied so that you get the most value for your money. After that, we recommend a new set to ensure your eyelash extensions last as long as possible. Completing a new set is always under the lash artist’s discretion. If you can see that your client’s previous set is still fairly full, with little to no outgrown lashes, the lash application was flawless, then there would be no reason for you to remove the previous set.



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