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Friendly for lash beginners--- Pre-made fans lash

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Friendly for lash beginners--- Pre-made fans lash

As a freshman in the lash industry, do you want to you could do more? We recommend the premade fans lash to you. That can create the same effects as classic lash or volume lash. In addition, premade fan lash is friendly when you started lashing.

First, we should know what is premade fan lashes? Premade fan lash, is volume fans that are produced by eyelash extensions supplier or vendor in advance. When you apply for premade fan eyelash extensions, only dip with glue and place on our client’s natural lashes. Don’t need more time to practice or more lash skills, we can create perfect looks as volume lash or classic lash. You will love this process.

If you are confused about what the premade lash produces? A premade fan is a group of anywhere from 2 to 8 lashes that have been glued or heat bonded together at the base. This process for creating premade fans is similar to that of handmade volume lashes in that a person is involved but is assisted by a machine.
Why do we recommend premade fans lashes to lash beginners?

Premade fans lashes can help us to save the application time, and you do not need any additional training to start volume lashing with premade lash fans. Therefore, you not only save your apply time but also can serve more lash clients to increase your income. In addition, for many clients who want the fuller volume lash look but just don’t have the patience to be on the lash bed for more than 2 hours, adding the premade volume set to your service offering can be a game-changer. In a word, premade fan lashes can save the application time, no volume lash training needed, create higher gross profit than classic sets. 

I thought that the cost of premade fan lash was worth mentioning. Premade fans lashes are more expensive and less adaptable than handmade volume. For the cost of premade fan lash, Gemerry can offer a 30% discount to support your business.

When talking about how to choose the best-premade fans lash. You should determine what style you want to create with a fan's lash. Whether it's fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume look, there are different options of premade lash fans available to support the look you are after. And Gemerry premade lashes are worthy to be considered.

Do you have a problem with how to correctly and safely pick up a premade fan lash?

For long-stem lash fans, pick up gently from the middle of the stem, detach the fan from the sticker, then pick up from the root.

For shorter stem lash fans, pick up from the root (base), transfer the fan into a sticker, and re-pick up from the middle of the fan.

Never pull the fan directly- it will make the fan fall apart!

Premade lashes are an excellent way to bridge the gap between classic and handmade volume if you’ve just started offering the volume service.

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