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How to apply the Lash Extensions?

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What you need to prepare before doing the lashes:
  1. Eyelash extensions your need
  2. 1-2 pcs tweezers which you prefer
  3. Eye pad, lash tape, digital eye sticker or others can separate your lashes
  4. Eyelash extensions glue and glue holder
  5. Disposable mask
  6. Eyelash extensions brush and eyelash portable fans
  7. Eyelash extension shampoo

Note: Please prepare and disinfection all required tools before starting operation, avoid leaving during doing lashes.

How to apply the lashes?
  1. Place the eye pad or lash tape under your eyelash, ensure separate the top and bottom eyelashes. Before applying the eyelash tape, please stick a few times on your hand to reduce the adhesiveness of the adhesive tape.
  2. Clean the oil and dust on eyelashes with eyelash extensions shampoo and wait for the eyelash dry. Then combing eyelashes. This step can effectively extend the time of eyelash
  3. Shake the eyelash extension glue. Extrude1-2 drops glue on glue holder. Please take less glue each time. Using jade glue holder can effectively extend the drying time of glue
  4. Clamp the tail of the eyelash with tweezers, dip about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently pull it out. The eyelashes are adhered to the side of real eyelashes, 0.5--1mm away from the skin, and cannot exceed 1.5mm. Each eyelash extension is grafted onto a real eyelash, please pay attention for the curl keep consistent. Repeat these stepsuntil all eyelashes are completed. Note: Keep a little distance between the eyelashes you just did and the next one to avoid sticking to each other.
  5. After done, comb it with the eyelash brush and check whether it is firmly and repair. Blow-dry with the portable fan while combing with an eyelash brush. Open your eyes when you don't feel irritating. Remove the eye pad or the tape. Finished!

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