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How to care eyelash extensions in winter?

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How to care eyelash extensions in winter?

Christmas is around the corner, it is time to talk about how to care for our eyelash extensions in winter. Some people are in doubt about the cold weather if has negative effects on our eyelash extensions? The answer is yes. Because the chilly climate and dry air in winter will affect the growth cycle of our hair and eyelash. That leads to our lashes being more brittle and as a result, they may shed prematurely. And then will put the negative role to our eyelash extensions.


How to care for our eyelash extensions in winter? There are some tricks that will help your nature lashes and eyelash extensions stay a good condition in winter.



Learn to moisturize your lashes.

In winter, the cold weather and dry air will make our eyelashes brittle, therefore it is necessary to rightly moisturize our lashes to keep them having a good growth environment. But we should pay attention to don’t using moisturizers that contain oils. As we all know the oils are one of the biggest enemies of eyelash extensions as they can make the glue bonds loose. If you use contain oils moisturizer for your face, please make sure that avoid it touching your eyelash extensions. We advise you can use the special serum containing plant or herbal extracts that will help moisturize lashes and promote growth.


Try to enjoy safe steaming.

The sauna treatment is so popular in the cold season. But some people worry about the hot air effect their eyelash extensions, making their eyelash extensions pop off. This concern is necessary that the hot air softens the adhesive bonds. However, once our eyelashes cool again, everything goes back to normal. The most important that remember don’t touch your eyelashes when you enjoy the steaming.


Develop a good habit of a healthy diet.

Last but not least, a healthy diet will affect positively our skin, hair, and eyelash. We need to take a lot of vitamins and minerals either through our daily food or supplements. Some special minerals will promote our lash, hair, and nail growth.



Contact your eyelash extensions, artists, regularly.

It is necessary to go to the lash salon and visit your lash artist regularly for fills. Because that will help you keep your eyelash extensions in supreme form all year long. It is best to get in touch with your eyelash extensions salon or artist and schedule an appointment every 2-3 weeks. During the appointment, your lash artist will not simply refill the extensions but also remove or replace overgrown or twisted extensions. In addition to that, they will check the health of your natural lashes and let you know if there is any problem.

If you think that you are losing too many of your artificial eyelashes prematurely, it is also a good idea to check with the experts to see if there is any particular reason for that.


Those tricks are simple and easy to follow but the results are guaranteed. 


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