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how to choose the eyelash extensions of classic set and easy fan set?

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Classic eyelash extensions VS Easy fan eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension application is a complicated process. And if you’re familiar with eyelash extensions, you will know that have diverse styles. The most popular styles are classic and easy fan lash. Do you know what the difference between them is? And do you prefer classic eyelash extensions or easy fan eyelash extensions? 


What are the classic eyelash extensions? 


Classic eyelash extensions are applied with just one lash at a time for each natural lash. It is the original method of eyelash extensions application. And many eyelash extension artists still apply this original technique. And classic lash's most common diameters are 0.10 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm. And the lash is thicker than more weight. And the most common curl are C, D, CC, DD, and Gemerry can offer the J curl classic lash for you.


What are the easy fan eyelash extensions? 


Easy fan lash extensions are a new technique that doesn’t the same as the classic lashes; they can’t apply one lash at a time for each natural lash. But lash artists apply several extensions to each natural lash. And those lashes can make a variety of volume lashes. They can create fans such as 3D volume lash, 4D volume and so on. Those depend on the number of lashes used in a fan.

The diameter for volume lashes is smaller – 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.07 mm, and 0.10 mm. For those wondering how to do volume eyelash extensions, the technician takes several lashes into a cluster called a fan and adheres them to just one natural lash. But because they are thinner and lighter than the classic lashes, they don’t strain the natural lashes more.


The advantages of classic lash extensions and easy fan lash extensions.

Classic eyelash extension:

  1. Classic lash extensions can create a more natural-looking and they are an excellent suit for everyday wear. And they are only one lash applied to a single natural lash, therefore the set not overly voluminous. That advantage can make your eyelash extension more natural.
  2. They can work well with any type of natural lash. Because they can give a more natural effect that can be pulled off by any client and with any type of lashes.

Easy fan eyelash extension:

  1. Because there are more individual lashes applied for each natural lash, which can have a very beautiful, fuller effect. And they can have the effects obtained is denser, more dramatic, and more noticeable.
  2. Eyelash extensions can keep a long time because there are more individual lashes applied on your natural lash.


The disadvantages of classic lash extensions and easy fan lash extensions.

Classic eyelash extension:

  1. Classic lashes offer natural effects. If you want to prefer a more dramatic or visible effect, the classic sets do not offer those effects.
  2. When the lashes start to fall out, the gaps will be more visible.

Easy fan eyelash extension:

  1. Not suit your daily wearing and makeup and if you want just a slight enhancement or your lashes are full, thick, and long already, a volume set may not be for you.
  2. Need a long time to apply on your natural eyelashes. Because need more lashes applied, they need more time than classic sets.


How to choose the right eyelash extension set for you?

You can base on the advantage and disadvantages of the classic set and easy fan set to choose what is most suitable for you.

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between the two lash extension application styles. While they are both very popular among clients, different women opt for them for different reasons, as they each offer something that certain clients are looking after. Classic lashes are more subtle and natural, and they make great everyday lashes, especially if your natural lashes are full. Easy fan lashes offer a more dramatic look, and will especially complement individuals with sparse lashes.


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