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How to choose the right tweezers in eyelash extensions applications?

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How to choose the right tweezers in eyelash extensions applications?

When performing the eyelash extensions, many people have a question of “which pair of tweezers should I use?” It is well known that possessing a pair of suit tweezers is crucial to apply successfully eyelash extensions. In this application of eyelash extensions, there are many other eyelash tools involved in this process, if use fails tweezers, there is a high chance eyelash extension applications are deemed for failure. Therefore, how to choose the right tweezers and what’s tweezers is trusty?


About choosing a pair of trusty lash tweezers, we should know there are three factors to take into consideration when deciding which pair of tweezers are right for you.



The weight of lash tweezers should take into consideration, Because when lash artists choose eyelash extension tweezers, they may overlook something. The weight of lash tweezers can make a huge impact on the health of your finger joints, wrist, and overall posture. We should choose the trusty lash tweezers to make your hands comfortable and help to your lash technique perfect to apply.



The good eyelash extensions tweezers should have a perfect point with no gap when closed. This will ensure while you hold these tweezers can able to firmly and easily grasp the lash extensions and allow fans to be easily made when doing volume lashes.



When you choose the tweezers, you should select a pair of tweezers have enough tension to grasp individual lashes,while also able to release easily. Meantime, you also pay attention that the tension of tweezers is not too strong for you, so that you can easily close them not having to exert too much energy.



Please remember the lengths of eyelash extensions tweezers are not too long or too short. Only choosing the tweezers are appropriate for your hand and your lash applies styles, your eyelash extensions techniques, that can contribute to your eyelash extensions application successfully.


When you select the pair of tweezers, you also should consider the types of those depending on

applying what’s a type of eyelash extensions.


We will use the Gemerry professional eyelash extensions tweezers as an example to introduce how to choose a pair of eyelash tweezers.

The Peacock eyelash extensions tweezers not only is it a good helper to isolate your eyelash bust also can help you easy to pick up individual lashes.

The Princess and Extensible Queen eyelash extensions tweezers are specially designed for easy fan eyelash extensions application. Those are excellent tools when you pick up easy fan lashes and hand-make them to fans and attach them in the total application.

The Dolphin eyelash extensions Tweezers can make your premade eyelash extensions applications more convenient. And also appropriate to YY lash, V-shaped lashes, and W-shaped lashes. Will help you further save the application times.


Why are the lash tweezers so important in eyelash extensions applications?

Because the eyelash extension tweezers are one of the few lash extension supplies that you need to use from the beginning to the end of the session.


And the last but not least, please hold yourself safe, don’t be stabbed by those sharp tweezers.

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