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How to clean your eyelash extensions?

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How to clean our eyelash extensions?

Do you know cleaning eyelash extensions daily is an important method of eyelash aftercare? And do you know how to clean eyelash extensions?


Why we should clean eyelash extensions?

As fans of eyelash extensions, we all want our eyelash extensions to last as long as possible. Therefore, when we have finished the eyelash extensions cure, it is crucial of eyelash extensions aftercare. And clean eyelash extensions are key methods of lash aftercare.

The eyelash as our skin needs to clean them to wash the bacterial and dusty. To prevent itching and inflammation

And another reason is to keep your eyelash extensions away from the oil. When you wear makeup, some oil from makeup will leave on your eyelash extensions. The oil can damage quickly your eyelash extension falls out and end up your eyelash extensions. Frequently clean the oil on your eyelash extensions and ensure your lashes last longer.


How to clean our eyelash extensions?

  1. If you wear eye makeup, please get rid of the makeup by using free-oil remover to do it.
  2. Proceed and wet your eyelash extensions in water.
  3. Apply the free-oil and gentle eyelash shampoo on each of the eyelashes.
  4. Use the shampoo brush to clean the eyelash extensions.
  5. Then gently rinse them with the water. 
  6. Use a clean towel to gently pat the lashes dry.
  7. Then use the clean lashes brush to create the perfect curl of your eyelash extensions.


And Gemerry offers a high-quality and cost-effective eyelash extension cleaning kit for you. You can use it to do eyelash extension cleaning daily.


Some questions about eyelash extensions aftercare.

  1. How long time can clean the eyelash extensions after applying for eyelash extensions?

It’s always a good idea to commence cleaning your eyelash after your eyelash extensions completely cure after the first 48 hours. And please remember the first 24 hours don’t wet your lashes.


  1. Can I clean eyelash extensions at home?

Sure. It is not complicated work. And you can use the good eyelash extensions cleaning kit to clean your lash at home.

  1. What’s the problem that will happen if I did not clean the eyelash extension daily?

Your eyes may get itchy and inflamed if you didn't care your lashes properly. And then you may rub your eyes to away itchiness. This improper way will keep your lash extensions falling out in a short time.

The bacterial is can’t ignore factor on your eyelash. If the bacterial overgrow, they will cause your eyes redness and itchy eyes, and painful eyelid inflammation.

  1. What is the best time to clean our eyelash extensions?

  The best time to clean eyelash extensions is at the night before you are prepared to go to the bed. This time you can eliminate all the day’s dust, makeup, dirt, oil, and debris. 


Cleaning eyelash extensions is a good way to maintain eyelash extensions. Eyelash dirt and dust are invincible without a magnifying glass. We should cultivate this habit to keep our eyelashes healthy.





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