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How to look after eyelash extensions in summer?

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Summer is just around the corner. We thought it was a good time to remind ourselves of aftercare and how to look after our eyelash extensions. Therefore, why we should pay attention to aftercare our eyelash extensions and how to look after our lash extensions in summer?

Why we should look after eyelash extensions in summer?
Summer not only means long sunny days and humidity but also means sweat will dribble down our faces. As we all know, sweat and oil will break down eyelash extensions glue, and contribute to lash fall off. So summer is also the reason for lash extensions' poor retention. And prolonged exposure to the sun will influence eyelash extensions. Therefore, we should keep our lashes dry and free of sweat will extend the time of our eyelash extensions. In addition, paying attention to aftercare extensions in summer is so important.

But how to look after eyelash extensions in summer?
Two products are must-haves to get for aftercare eyelash extensions in summer.
1. Lash extensions cleanser- not contain oil. Using a lash cleanser daily is crucial for our lash to keep lash hygiene and prevent lash fall. A lash cleanser will help our eyelash extensions clean oil and dust to maintain a lash glue bond.

2. Lash sealant/ lash coating- Unique for eyelash extensions, this lash coating sealant helps to prolong the extension's time. And will protect your eyelash extensions against sweat, water, dirt, and other irritants.

They work together will get the best result for your lash extensions

Extra tips:
1. Careful to use sunscreen.
Sunscreen is so important in summer. But make sure it keep away our lash extensions or use an oil-free one. As it will remove your lashes within hours. All spray-on kinds for your face are to be avoided and if possible try an oil-free sunscreen for the face.

2. Avoid sweaty work and extreme heat.
Keep our beautiful lashes away when around intense heat. Extreme temperatures can singe your lashes, so whether you’re opening an oven door, or getting cozy by a fire, be cautious to not get too close. Someone also loves to go to the gym during summer and running in outdoor. Undoubtedly, our bodies can sweat, which can damage our eyelash extensions if the sweat comes into contact with them.

3. Keep skin clear
Try to reduce or avoid using the natural skin oils that come into contact with our lashes. Consider using blotting papers to reduce oil and matte skincare and makeup products. if you are oily skin types, using your eyelash cleanser and sealant daily is a must.

4. Pay attention to lash extensions dry
If you just finished the eyelash extensions process, must keep your lash extensions dry for 24 hours.
Because the lash glue needs time to get a stronger bond. In humid weather will destroy glue plays a role. Stay cool and dry while they bond for 24 hours, i.e. No gym.

If you want to have a good look after your eyelash extensions in summer. Our recommended products and aftercare tips will help your eyelash extensions get great retention during summer. And hope you can get a fluffy, curled and amazing eyelash extensions look in summer.

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