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How To Store Lash Extensions Glue Properly

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As a professional eyelash artist, how to choose eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions glue is very important. About how to choose the suitable lash extensions, you can check this blog. If one is a beginner of eyelash artist, there may not be so many customers, extend the use time of eyelash extension glue will be very important.


Before Storage Eyelash Extension Glue, the Principle of drying you Must Know:

The main ingredients of lash extension adhesive are cyanoacrylate and polymethyl methacrylate which are often used in quick-dry glue. They quickly combine with the moisture in the air, release of heat with Irritating smell that why customers feel irritated and tears. Please avoid choosing the latex-free lash extensions glue because the latex is an allergen. GEMERRY eyelash extensions glue made of 90-95% Cyanoacrylate, 5-10% PMMA, 1-2 seconds dry times and can hold 6-8 weeks.


How to Storage Eyelash Extensions Glue?

Normally, the shelf life of unopened lash extensions glue is about 6-8 months, the shelf life of opened glue is about 1 month. Preferably run out within two weeks.  There are a few tips extend the shelf life of glue:

1. After using the eyelash extension glue, holding the body of glue gently press a few times to make the glue that remains in bottom mouth flow back to the bottle, and then squeeze out the residual glue and excess air. Quickly wiping the bottle mouth when the glue undried with lash extensions glue wipes, anti-blocking.

2. Put the glue which tightens the cap into the professional eyelash glue storage or sealed bag with desiccant. Best not better stored in the refrigerator at low temperature and keep away from light. Take it out 1 hour before use to recover room temperature.

GEMERRY is not recommended to use the eyelash extensions glue which opened for more than 2 months even use these methods. Extremely long storage times will reduce adhesion, more important than saving money is the returned customers after all.

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