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Learn more about volume lash

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Volume eyelashes can create more naturalistic and “textured” effects. And this look is gradually gaining a favorite among volume clients. Therefore, we should gain more awareness of volume lash extensions.
Volume eyelash extensions allow us with more sparse natural lashes to have a fuller effect by applying more than one extension to each natural lash. And volume lash also can be mixed with classics to create a more fully, naturalistic and curled look.
In addition, volume lash has an obvious advantage in that superior retention, especially compared to classic lash. Not as a classic lash, volume eyelash extensions that multiple lashes of a fan wrap themselves around the natural lash, increasing the area of the lash bonded surface to achieve the long-time retention.

Volume lash is applying two or more extensions to each natural lash. This is no doubt that needs a trained lash artist to custom creates almost any look desired by the client. We can satisfy our clients' needs from a subtle enhancement to a more dramatic look depending on volume lash’s versatility. Therefore, volume eyelash extensions can help us to resolve some common lash complaints such as the natural lashes pointing down, too thin, or too short.

          ( Classic lash vs Volume lash, volume lash have more options)

Volume eyelash extensions are a popular lash technique. Because volume is glamorous, making them a must-have for makeup lovers. Furthermore, volume lashes are so hot is that when applied well they can feel lighter-weight and softer than some classic applications.
If you’re new to eyelash extensions, the information you should know will help you learn more about this technique and understand the differences between classic lash with volume lash.
When we choose the volume lashes, the thickness of 0.05mm and 0.07mm are the best for you. Gemerry as a professional eyelash extensions supplier, we promise that all lashes have high-quality and have perfect after-sales services. High-quality lash is a role factor for your eyelash extensions process to get perfect results. Excellent after-sales services will help your lash business develop.
We should notice that volume lashes are not easy fan lashes, this needs to make fan by hand and create fans with glue. Therefore, volume lash extensions are more suitable for professional artists. And we can use volume lash as a classic lash, only apply one lash to each natural lash, it can gain the same effects as classic eyelash extensions.

Volume lashes are all the rage! For many lash clients, classic extensions are no longer enough — many now want to upgrade to full, voluminous lashes. As lash artists, we should grasp this chance to boost our lash business development. We’re should know the different types of volume lashes, the difference between handmade and pre-made fans, and even the benefits of adding volume lashes to your book.

It may take some time to learn the terminology and understand the differences. Volume lash extensions provide you with a full, better-than-falsies look that adds some serious glamour and drama to the client's look.

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