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New trend of W-Shaped eyelash extensions

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New eyelash extensions trend of W-Shaped eyelash

W-Shaped eyelash extensions will become the new trend of eyelash extensions fashion world in 2022. But do you honestly know what’s the w-shaped eyelash extensions and how to rightly apply them? This blog of Gemerry lash will help our customers have more insight into w-shaped eyelash extensions.


What are the W-shaped eyelash extensions?


The W-shaped lash can divide into 2 types.


3D W-Shaped Lash

  1. 3D W-shaped eyelash: The style as this name, this lash have the shaped like the letter with W, and someone thinks it looks like a fork. The W-shaped lashes are equal to three single lashes be bonded together. That same as the premade lashes, but those can apply to more customers, and mostly W-shaped lash prices are close to premade lash. It's a good option for your natural look and it almost bridges that gap between classic and volume now. If you want to have those effects like the natural look, pseudo without makeup, and make a highlight point on your makeup, W-shaped lashes would be a nice choice. And if you like the 3D premade lashes, the W-shaped lashes are more suited to you.


4D W-shaped Lash

  1. 4D W-shaped eyelash: If you love the edgy style, the 4D W-shaped eyelashes are not missed for you. This W-shaped volume lashes are easy to pick up and apply than other lashes. It also can strengthen the black color of your eyeliner. The overall effect is quite similar to the classic lash, but W-shaped look lashes will appear visually thicker and bolder. Also, since it’s technically a premade lash, you can wrap it around a natural lash, which will have better retention than the premade lash. From the product picture, we can find a line of W-shaped lashes is three times as much as one line of 4D premade lashes. And those have the flat lash characteristic, they with flat basic more suit to your natural eyelashes. Therefore, can last a longer time than classic lashes and premade lash.


How to use them and it is simple to eyelash extensions beginners?

Don’t worry that easy to apply. We can apply it just like regular lashes. It’s got that very long base on it, so as an eyelash extensions beginner you can use it without burden. It can apply nicely. And it's a little bit like working with a flat lash. It offers amazing retention due to the very sort of flat or straight base. It's a real quick and easy way to achieve a volume look because it's applied like classic lashes.

 W-shaped eyelash extensions should not be ignored in the eyelash extensions industry. If you apply them properly, can form a new style of yourself extensions. It not can save you time to apply but also lower the cost.If you are beginner of eyelash extensions, it also friendly to you.

If you want to try more styles eyelash effects, Gemerry is a good partner for you.

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