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The Best Way To Remove Eyelash Extensions Glue

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There are some problems will bother some people who keen on applying the lash extensions. When you don’t have time to refill the lashes or want to change a style to wear the false eyelashes or you cannot go out during the new COVID-19, how to remove these eyelash extensions will be the biggest problem.

Here are 3 ways to remove the eyelash extensions glue:

Lash Extensions Glue Remover:

Just like the nail polish remover, the lash extension glue also has remover. This is a gel or cream remover which applies with a cotton brush or cotton swab to your lash extensions. Please note: apply the remover to the seam of natural and lash extensions. Usually, they will completely remove in 3-5 minutes. But some of them will contain harmful chemicals which will irritate your eyes. You can choose GEMERRY Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover that you can use at home.

Oil-Based Make-up Remover:

Did your lash artist tell you not to use oil-based makeup removers? Because they will remove the lash extensions. If you want your lash extensions lasting for a long time, please don’t use it. Of course, if you want to remove the lashes, oil-based remover will be a good choice. The oil contained in makeup remover will react with the eyelash extensions glue, but this process will be slower.

Olive Oil or Coconut Oil:

You may have neither of the above two, the olive oil or coconut oil is a great choice. They are the most natural product and will not irritate your eyes. It is definitely the gentlest and the best choice. However, please clean your eye area thoroughly after removal to ensure no residue.

All 3 methods can remove eyelash extensions, but we suggest using eyelash extensions glue remover, it is the fastest method.

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