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Why easy fan lashes are so popular?

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The lash industry is evolving now, and coming up with different styles. In those kinds of different styles, easy fan lashes get love from some lash stylists.


As we all know, easy fan lash is specially designed for lash artists looking to reduce the time needed to complete a custom set. And easy fan lash unlike other lash extensions that are produced as one layer of individual lashes, easy fan lashes are made with multiple layers of individual lashes attached by a tiny amount of adhesive. We also called easy fan lashes self fan lash or self flower lashes. When we pick up the easy fan lashes by lash tweezers and rotate your tweezers. Those lashes can spread and create a perfect fan within a second.


Easy fan lash’s biggest feature is the sticky lash trips at the fan base. The sticky lash strip holds the volume fans and prevents them from separating at the base, allowing us plenty of time to adjust the size or design the fans. However, we would not recommend this lash for lash beginners who are yet trained in volume lashes. If you are a freshman, and you want to get easy fan lash looks, we recommend those premade fan lashes to you or learn tricks, instructions, and advanced skills through YouTube.


Why easy fan lashes are so popular nowadays?


  1. save our time

If you choose easy fan lashes, the first and foremost advantage is saving time and energy. Easy fan lashes can help us reduce the time needed to complete a custom volume set. And more, easy fan lash is a benefit to new lash artists because it will help to create fantastic fans with seconds. Therefore, using easy fan lashes will reduce half of the time in the whole process.


  1. save our money

As everyone knows, learning the advanced skill of volume lash application will produce a cost of the course fee. it seems to be more expensive for beginners. Therefore, easy fan lash is a more economical way for us. We suggest lashing beginners learn tricks, instructions, and advanced skills of easy fan lash via YouTube. It is so easy to master fanning eyelash skills.


  1. Customize our design

When comes to using premade fan lash, we feel that makes it hard for them to customize the desired look for our clients. However, easy fan lash can resolve this issue and can do better than premade fan lash. When using easy fan lashes, we can stimulate our creativity, and adjust the number of lashes and the size of the fan easily.


About making perfect fans, choice tweezers are also very important. Suitable lash tweezers will make your work more easily. Gemerry has some professional lash tweezers for lash stylists or beginners.


The performance of easy fan lash is not all positive, everything all have two-side. How and what to choose eyelash extensions types is all depends on you. After all, enjoy applying the eyelash extensions process and have our unique styles.

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