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Why My Eyelash Extensions Glue Turns Whitish?

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Why my Eyelash Extensions Glue Turns Whitish?

Why Eyelash Extensions Glue Turns Whitish?

  1. In the process of solidification, eyelash extension glue will turn whitish when having steam. Eyelash extension glue remover, clean shampoo or foam cleaner remains in the really lashes.
  2. The customers tear up or sweat during applying. Please let the customer closed the eyes tightly and you can prepare tissues to wipe off excess secretions.
  3. After applying, wait for the eyelash extension completely dry.
  4. Just a few times after applying the lashes, washing face, shower, swimming or any others cause the lashes to get wet.
  5. Know the optimal temperature and humidity of the eyelash extension glue, ensure the glue can play the best effect.

How to Avoid this Condition?

  1. Wear a mask when you apply the lashes can effectively avoid this condition.
  2. Let your customers close the eyes tightly during the applying.
  3. Complete blow-dry the lashes after applying, the interior glue is not completely dry will cause the glue turns white. (especially important in a humid environment)
  4. Don’t touch with your hand, the steam over your hand will cause the glue turns whitish too.
  5. 8 hours after applying, please not touch the water.

And there are some tips you can tell your customer, they will extend lash lasting time:

  1. Please be gentle when washing your face
  2. Please don’t use the makeup remover with oil
  3. Please don’t pull eyelashes if it become mess
  4. Please don’t use the eyelash curler, eyelash mascara or other eyelash tools, it will cause eyelash to fall off sooner.


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