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Why your eyelash is falling out?

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Why your eyelash is falling out?

We all know eyelashes have the power to make our makeup and our face more attractive. Therefore, some beautiful women are willing to spend a large of money and time to ensure their lashes look full and voluminous. However, someone ignores an important thing that our lashes fall out.

So what are the reasons why our lashes fall out and how to do can help us to keep lashes last longer and stay in the best shape and style?


  1. bad beauty habits

Such as sleeping with eyes makeup, using bad lash glue in the eyelash extensions process, and incorrectly cleaning eyelash extensions.

If we sleep in eye makeup - PARTICULARLY heavy mascara will cause eyelashes to fall out, even eyelash extensions. Especially if we use the lash mascara is waterproof or oil-based, this can damage the lash glue on your extensions and cause our natural premature shedding. if you have eyelash extensions, we encourage you to use free-oil lash mascara or don’t use mascara on them.

When we apply for eyelash extensions, please remember to use good lash adhesive and clean eyelash extensions daily to prevent lash fallout.

About how to clean eyelash extensions, we have a detailed description in the gemerry blog.

TIP: We also have a particular lash cleaning kit for you to protect our natural lashes and extensions.


  1. Being unfriend to our eyes

Lashes are weak. If you are overly zealous with your rubbing or scrubbing of the eyes are, your lashes can easily fall out. And something we should know is that eyelashes are very fine and can be ripped out easily from their follicles. It is always best to be as gentle as possible when working in the eye area.

And don’t pull eyelash extensions, which may cause our natural lash premature fallout.


  1. eyelash extensions

When we decide to apply for eyelash extensions, we should know the salon’s sanitary condition in advance. And know the reputation of lash techniques. Not only for the beauty of lashes but also for our natural lash and eyes health.

Good lash glue is an important factor for eyelash extension apply successfully. And also affect our natural lash healthy.

And cleaning eyelash extensions daily to prevent bacterial and dusty infection, decrease eye is irritation. That will contribute to our natural lashes' healthy growth.  


And something needs to know:

Sometimes our eyelash loss could be caused by certain medical conditions out of our control. If you feel that you are not being overly aggressive with your eye cleaning and you are losing too many lashes, we would advise a visit to a dermatologist. They can investigate if there is something else going on and advise on the next steps.

Our lashes typically take around 6-8 weeks to grow back. There is no guaranteed way to speed up that natural process but following the suggestions above can help maintain your lashes and help you grow stronger and fuller lashes.


Taking care of our eyelashes and eyes is important daily work.

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