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How much do you know eyelash extensions glue?

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How much do you know eyelash extensions glue?

Eyelash extensions are the popular and new trend of those days. More and more people choose to apply eyelash extensions to lengthen their natural eyelashes. People want to keep away from traditional mascaras which do not last a long time and do not create a natural and fluffy look. When talking about eyelash extensions, do you know good eyelash extensions glue is the core in the process of eyelash extensions application? 


What’s the role of the eyelash extensions glue?

Lash glue is used to attach a lash extension to a person's natural eyelashes in the lash application process. Eyelash extensions glue plays such a vital role in the successful application and retention of eyelash extensions. It can help your eyelash extensions last a long time, not replenish in a short time. Great eyelash extensions glues can help your eyelash extensions last about 6-7 weeks. And not irritate your eyes, be friendly with sensitive users.


How to choose the good eyelash extensions glue?


No matter what’s the wonderful effect of eyelash extensions you want to create, the most important thing is safety. So the first consider factor is the eyelash extensions adhesive formula.

Therefore, we recommend the eyelash extensions glue, which does not contain minerals, parabens, latex, fragrance, gluten, sulfate, or formaldehyde. And best have a gentle formula of waterproof. Please drop away those lash glue that advocates the character is oilproof. 


Then the eyelash extensions' dry time is a crucial factor when artists apply eyelash extensions for clients. We suggest that professional eyelash extensions artist can choose the 1-2S dry time eyelash glue. And for the beginner, we suggest using a 2-5S dry time eyelash adhesive. Because as a beginner of eyelash extensions, allows you to adjust for accuracy and perfection.


In the end, we suggest you can choose the black eyelash adhesive, that doesn’t leave unflattering white marks on your eyelash when they dry. 

We as a professional eyelash extensions supplier, we offer high-quality eyelash extensions glue to our customers. 

There are two different types of eyelash extensions adhesive to professional artists and lash beginners. You can choose the most suit eyelash extensions glue to depend on your character.

  1. This eyelash extensions glue is special for professional 
Characteristic: 1-2 sec fast dry time adding to the speed of eyelash extension procedures, this eyelash adhesive has been designed for highly skilled lash artists.



  1. If you are a beginner, this is will make an important role for you.
 Characteristic: 5-10 sec to dry, with safety formula, which is good for sensitive skin and thin natural lashes.




How to make eyelash extensions last a long time?

As the aficionado of eyelash extensions, we all wish our eyelash extension glue could just make our long, charming, and fluffy lash extensions last forever! 

Wait at least 24 hours to get wet after application. This will allow the glue to have time to adhere to your natural lashes. Also, avoid humidity, rubbing, and itching as much as possible so that your eyelash extensions can stay intact.

Additionally, be sure to not wear oil makeup over your lash extensions. This will destroy the band of lashes and cause the glue to detach faster. 

Although there is always a retention rate to eyelash extensions, there are ways to help the glue last a bit longer.


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